Jeff Turboff - Editor - New York City


I haven't placed a watermark on any of my photos or restricted downloading of them.
But please respect my intellectual property.
If you have 'borrowed' one of my photos for non-commercial use, or you just really like my work,
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The fact that the tip jar is here in no way implies consent
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If one can see a photograph while it is unfolding in real time for the camera, one can appreciate the moment beyond the ability to capture it. I like photographs that are evocative of something beyond the frame, just past the edge of awareness. Some untold story, a hidden emotion, an unseen cause, an impending outcome. If one of my photos can set a mood for inquiry or wonderment, then I have achieved what I set out to do.

Please click on the thumbnails below to see larger versions of some of my photographs.

tempest float dancers

junk orange batman

puppy teeth cone

lemonfresh threading study

pool pool2 sculptures

wheels britwalk earthsky

car2 fog chinatown

graffiti numbercruncher training

legs wheel works

works squat mum_child

moment bookstore busstop

pizzadog pinkskirt watching

works jam stairs

detained grasshopper fishpond

cat 11sept


oblique quotes