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Monthly Special

-May not be the same thing for a whole month!

I really dont know where to start here with Bobsp1. To sum it up in 1 word ASTONISHED. I was totally amazed by the effects that are in this level. Before going into that, here is the story: Dukes boat starts to take on water and he is too far offshore to make it. There are a bunch of hungry sharks all around him. He gets an SOS from a nearby island and goes to investigate. He finds out that its an old abandoned Nuclear Reactor that is going to blow up unless duke can put the motherboard back into the computer. This map has no monsters in it.... it doesn't need them. I spent half of the time in this level with my mouth wide open trying to figure out how in the hell he pulled off some of these effects. You MUST DOWNLOAD THIS LEVEL IMMEDIATLY. My only tiny gripe about this level is that it is kind of short. But it really doesn't matter this level is JUST THAT GOOD. GET IT NOW!!!!! *Needs Duke 1.4* FINAL RATING - An Easy 10.

Download Bobsp1!

This is my new Southpark rts file! This thing is really funny and actually is made up of snippets from the episodes that have to do with guns and fighting! Really funny. Get it!

Download Southpark RTS!

Haunted is Jorge Brea's latest duke levels. It definatly shows off his improved level building skills. This map is fairly large with good texturing and design. I like this map because it is more varied than his past ones. Definatly a good change of pace. You start out in a graveyard, go through an old "partically" haunted house... and end up in a dark forest. My only gripe about this map is that it is too unpolished with a few glaring bugs. It also feels abit unfinished. Other than that I really think you should give this map a spin. FINAL RATING - 8.5 *Needs Duke 1.4*

Download Haunted!