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My Map Page

Equake-takes place in a street outside dukes apartment, just after another Earthquake Has rocked L.A. This map includes a Duka-Sushi building demolished by the earthquake, a fallen building(leading to dukes apartment),the 3d Realms building, and dukes apartment. Lotsa secrets too. Pretty good for my first map!

Download Equake!

Equake2x-This is the sequel to Equake. In addition to equake this has, a strip club(including bar and dressing room), more secrets, a bathroom to dukes bedroom, some new textures and design, a lobby to the apartment that duke lives in, a cop car out in the street, and more realistic lighting.

Download Equake2!

Rainbow-This is a compilation of 3 small and quickly made arena type dm maps made for no-lag fast fraging. Not very good when it comes to design and textures but its not what they were made for. There is at least 1 secret in all 3 of them too. Hint-Rainbow 3 has 1 long continuing secret, so keep searching the walls!

Download Rainbow!

Catwalk-This map is basicaly a TALL tower that has levels to to it (small ledges), which are reached by tall "ramp stairs" and at every level at catwalk connects the tower wiith the stairs. The stairs and ledges are very thin and it is easy to fall off! The higher up you go the better weapons you get. Your ultimate goal is to get to the top and grab the rpg (and take the high dive if you can find it)!!!!

Download Catwalk!

Wild Ride!- Wild Ride is a super fast water current ride with many traps, twists, turns, jumps, and suprises! This map is for serious dukers. I warn you that it is hard to complete but alot of fun. With lots of trips it serves as one gaint trap! A few cool notable level designs are the waterfall jump, whirlpool, monster, and base (the start point for everybody).

Download Wild Ride!

Battlezone- Battlezone is one of my best levels so far. It has alot of cool rooms and effects in it. The name Battlezone was given because you battle in different rooms or "zones" which each have a different kinda of theme to them! There is a war room with mines and rpg and mortar shooters, an aqua room, and a cool arena type room. The overall level design is really good and in the start room each person starts out with a different weapon making it even moire exciting! Go get this map!

Download Battlezone!

Equake3-This is the FINAL version of the previous 2 Equakes. Theres a few small changes in this from the first 2. Most of the changes are only cosmetic but really add to the effect. This is definatly the best out of all of them. A really cool urban themed map.

Download Equake3!