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Future Projects

This page is made to tell about my future duke nukem projects and other things that are going on currently!



-85% Completed ; Expected Realease Date - Feb. 10th

-Teasers is dukes favorite strip joint. Here is some of what you can expect in this- XXX bookstore, peep shows, hookers,a bar, cool lighting effects, new stripper shadows (you'll see when the map is done!)I'll update this the more I build the map so keep checking back! UPDATE-1/28/00- Worked more on lighting effects and resized alot of sprites, also worked on dressing room more.


-75% Completed ; Expected Realease Date - February

-This is a duke remake of the original Quake-Team Fortress map 2Fort(2Fort5 is a modification of the original). This map was originally planned for a TC but was pulled so i'm realeasing it to the public!


-80% Completed ; Expected Realease Date February

-This map was also planned for a TC (the same one), but dropped because it was too small. I don't really know what i'm going to do with it. I may just leave it the way it is or make it larger. UPDATE 1/28/00 - Worked on the map A LOT today. I made a whole new section with a cool temple. This map is shaping up to be one of my best maps as far as architecture and texturing!


-90% Completed ; Expected Realease Date Feb. 5th

-This is the LAST yes I repeat LAST Equake. It was the first map I ever made and I think that its one of my best. But everytime I'd finish it I would learn something new in build or want to expand it, the result was about 4 different versions of the map. This is it though, and I guarante that it will be the best.


-50% Completed ; Expected Realease Date ???

-Basically you'll be duking it out by a huge Playstation with a huge TV, chair, and bookshelf around it. UPDATE 1/28/00 - I FOUND THE MAP! It's pretty much done too. I still don't know if it's going to be finished or not though.

ND(Notre Dame)

-20% Completed ; Expected Realease Date ???

-I'm still debating if I should make this map or not. The gym, locker room, and office are done but i still have a TON of work to do. If I can get the halls the way I want and need them to look I might actually finish it. This is a map modeled after my school.UPDATE 1/27/00 - I've just got WAY to much work to do on this. Theres a 90% possibility that this one isn't gonna be finished (though i may realease what I have done).

Maps Not Yet Started

My House(name undecided)

-This is a map(if you couldn't tell) , is a map of my house. Nothing much else to say about that other than this won't be just another crappy house level! THIS MAP HAS BEEN CANCELED!!!!


-Hopefully my best map. By the time I get around to this I will be alot better in map making and do this right. The level goes by it's name delusion. This map is ALL about illusions, trickery, and some really cool effects! I'm not gonna spill the beans about what this map features. Just expect it to be GOOD! UPDATE 1/27/00 - This one is also very iffy. I've got all of it planned out and ready to make but with all of the problems that I have with running Duke 3d on my new PC I doubt that this one will be released :(