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The first M6s were badged M635CSi, or just with an M. Started in the 1980s, as a sport version to the 628Ci, 633CSi, and 635, the M6 brought back the heritage of its earlier coupes (CS and CSL). The powerplant was the same as in other M cars of its time, a 3.5 liter 24 valve straight six (S38 or M88/3). Making 286hp, it certainly stood above the 185 hp and 218 hp of the 628s and 635s, repectively. Ways to spot M6(35CSi)s include the rear trunk lid spoiler. Also, in all 635s, was the added convenience of a refrigerated storage unit in between the two back seats. (Sound familar to Saab's glovebox?)


A nice shade of red, BMW produced many M6s in Cinnabar. This one was found at the BMW CCA Oktoberfest 1998. I personally think that the looks are amazing on this car, and if I could get one I would in an instant. BMW has rumored about bringing back the 6er, but I dont think it would be the same, not without this design. Basically a 2-door 7 series, however, I wouldn't mind seeing a 650CSi to compete with Benz's SL600 coupe.


The heart of the car, the angled 3453 cc engine. This is from an Australian M6.

M635, Ready to Run

Though this particular M6 isn't decked out in racing ads, the M6 was BMWs top racer of its day. Following the 3.0CSL and before the M3. Notice the spoiler on the rear lid, and also the Motorsport wheels, gold colored. I still say it's a beautiful looking automobile.