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Buster the White Boxer

Buster May He Rest in Peace

Buster`s Favorite Web Sites to visit

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Batavia Ice Devil Hockey
United States Navy

Buster passed away at the Vet`s office on May 12,2000. He has been missed ever since that morning. He fell on hard times ever since his motorhome burned down on interstate 10 in Milton,Fla. It has taken me this long to up date his page because of his passing. I thought now was a good time to let the web know what happened. He was the BEST DOG I ever owned and no other dog will be another Buster. It has been a hard few months on me since he died because he was my Buddy.I found some lost pictures of Buster I will put up on his page over time. The hardest part is he loved to camp with us and he could hardly wait for the motorhome door to open so he could get in and go to where ever. May the Lord take care of Buster and good by to my buddy.

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