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Welcome to Bikerboy's place

Welcome everyone to "Bikerboy's Place". I live in upstate NY and have for the last 34 years. I have built or drastically customized almost all of my own bikes. hopefully I will get some more pictures of them on here real soon. This site was started on 1/18/99. Hope you have fun with my links. Maybe I'll catch up with you "In the wind". I am curently working on restoring my links on this page. Sorry for any inconvienence. E-mail me if you have any ideas or comments. Hell.....Email me anyways

since 2/7/99

I am always trying to help people. If you like to bad mouth bikers, here is some free advice.
I have started a graffiti wall. To get your name or graffiti on the wall, it will cost one thin dollar. If you are interested e-mail me and i will get back to you. If ya' don't have a buck, e-mail me anyway(you can owe me).....Bikerboy
The Graffiti Wall

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Here are a few photos (have more a.s.a.p.)