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Blondie Music Lives On!!
Blondie Links:

Lyrics of Blondie Songs

Blondie is:

Deborah Harry (vocals; born July 1, 1945)

Chris Stein (guitar; born January 5, 1950)

Clem Burke (drums; born November 24, 1955)

Jimmy Destri (keyboards; born April 13, 1954)

Blondie Photo Album also Hall of Fame 2006 Photo!!

Website from the Tour in 1999

This Blondie site is now listed at CLICK HERE

Click Here!! Heart of Glass Karoake with words to the song. Background music is a midi format.

Blondie Music strong in 2006 as ever!!

Animation by Theresa Heinz-Ratekin ©2005

Click Here to purchase Road Rage tickets 2006 Blondie and New Cars.

Blondie made Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2006. Videos of Blondie aired on VH1 March 21, 2006.

Barbara and Chris had a baby girl named Akira born 7-15-03. She is almost two years old soon.

Click Here!! Ever wonder what the beautiful Barbara looks like? Chris Stein's Wife.

Debbie Harry was on Will & Grace May 15, 2003Click Here!! see a clip from Will & Grace!!

Click above for the newest Blondie Book details. This book is unauthorized by the Blondie band. This Book is NOW AVAILABLE FOR SALE!! Written by Allan Metz.

Click for Allan's personal site link from the above link to purchase online. May Fans have submitted photos to be published in this must have Blondie Book. Many fans dreams world wide came true from this amazing author Allan Metz.

Picture taken by Theresa Heinz-Ratekin ©1999 featured in Blondie Pictorial: Punk to Present on the first page of the Then and Now Chapter. To purchase an 8x10 click the paypal symbol:

To purchase New 2006 release Blondie CD/DVD Click above safe online transaction with

Blondie Still Touring Through 2005!!

Blondie still strong since the 1970's. Every where you turn. Blondie Music is being played in commercials, movies and on the radio.

I have been a Blondie fan since in the mid 70's. We lived in Misawa,Japan my father was stationed there in the military. I was hooked on the music since. The music was always my escape from the world. I still feel the same about that today in 2005. I started singing Blondie music at a young age in talent shows. I have sang Blondie Music in many places. People always say, "You just played the CD it"! I always prove it was only me. I had someone record me live and have a copy for all that would like one free of charge. Only shipping cost depending on country or zip code. Or can Email as attachment.

Over 10 years of touring photos have been gathered by fans accoss the world in the link of fan photos. Most of the amateur photographers were published in the Allen Metz's book Blondie Pictorial: Punk to Present.It is phenominal how so many fans grew to be fans over the years. I am listed as Theresa Heinz prior to my marriage to Gary Ratekin on 2-14-04.

Many of the original Blondie fans are still today attending concerts and sharing photos from around the world. Majority belong to the fan club email list moderated by Louis Busafumante.

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CBGB Club NYC where the group BLONDIE Blondie began their road to fame.

Special Alert!! The Band is unharmed from the terrorists in NYC! Chris was closest to the World Trade Centers at the time of attack of September 11, 2001.

German: Animation durch Theresa Heinz ©2001 Klicken Sie hier , um Lyrics des Songs- Dankes Blondie aller anzusehen, die Fotos von den Touren Blondie eingereicht haben. E-mail Fotos zum unten Verbinden. KLICKEN Sie unterhalb Verbindung eine eine Firma, die Collectibles Kathys angerufen wird, die seltenes Blondie, Debbie Harry und Herz JimmyDestris auf der Wand errichten kann!! Verbindungen Blondie CBGB-Verein NYC, wo die Gruppe BLONDIE ihre Straße zum Ruhm anfing. Klicken Sie oben für die neuesten Buchdetails Blondie. Dieses Buch ist durch das Band Blondie nicht autorisiert. Dieses Buch ist JETZT FÜR VERKAUF! VORHANDEN! Geschrieben durch Allan Metz. Klicken Sie für Allans persönliche Aufstellungsortverbindung von der oben genannten Verbindung, um online zu kaufen. Stellen Sie genommen durch Theresa Heinz dar ©1999, der im neuen Blondie Buch Allans Metz gekennzeichnet wird: Seite-Aktualisierte Nachrichten Blondie ED KARYS Klicken Sie, um der Aussage Chris Steins auf dem Angriff und Abbildung Mandy Driggs WTC vor dem Angriff zu sehen. Spezieller Alarm!! Das Band ist von den Terroristen in NYC unharmed! Chris war zu den Welthandelmitten zu der Zeit des Angriffs von September 11, 2001 am nähsten.

Espanol: Animación de Theresa Heinz ©2001 Chasque aquí para visión las líricas de las gracias de las canciones de Blondie a todos que han sometido fotos de los viajes de Blondie. Fotos del E-mail a ligarse abajo. ¡cChasque debajo del acoplamiento uno a compañía llamada Collectibles de Kathy que puede establecer Blondie, Debbie Harry y el corazón raros de Destri de la barreta en la pared!! Club NYC de CBGB donde el grupo BLONDIE comenzó su camino a la fama. Chasque arriba para los más nuevos detalles del libro de Blondie. Este libro es desautorizado por la venda de Blondie. ¡Este libro está DISPONIBLE AHORA PARA LA VENTA!! Escrito por Allan Metz. Chasque para el acoplamiento personal del sitio de Allan del acoplamiento antedicho para comprar en línea. Represente tomado por Theresa Heinz ©1999 ofrecido en el libro nuevo de Allan Metz Blondie: Noticias Pa'gina-Actualizadas De Blondie del Ed KARY Chasque para ver la declaración de Chris Stein sobre el ataque y el cuadro de Mandy Driggs WTC antes del ataque. ¡Alarma Especial!! ¡La venda es ilesa de los terroristas en NYC! Chris estaba el más cercano a los centros de comercio mundial a la hora del ataque del de septiembre 11 de 2001. Consultor De la Belleza De Theresa Heinz-Independant. Maquillaje de #1 de América de la compra 24 horas de en línea. Mens y skincare de los womens. Visa/MASTERCARD aceptado ¡Encuentre todas sus necesidades y DVD de la música!! ¡Consiga incluso duro encontrar Blondie, Debbie Harry y el corazón de Destri uniforme de la barreta en una pared!! SOBRE EL WEBMASTER THERESA HEINZ Email:


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