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Dr. Stanley S. Bass: Super nutrition and superior health -- Natural Hygiene theory ---
What is the ultimate nutrition for no disease and a long life??   What is drug-free healing?
What is Natural Hygiene? Orthopathy? Fasting?  Dr. Bass has 60+ years unique healing experience
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Dr. Bass - Jan 2002
Welcome to my website!
Since my introduction to drug-free healing I have been a Natural Hygienist according to Dr. Gian-Cursio's standards.
I've been my own doctor all my life, except for accidents and emergency care, which were rare.
I met Dr. Shelton, wrote articles for him for years, and I knew Dr. Esser, Dr. Benesh, Dr. Burton, Dr. Scott, Dr. Gehman and the oldtimers in Natural Hygiene.

Dr. Stanley S. Bass, New York
Dr. Stanley S. Bass

N.D. D.C. Ph.C., Ph.D., D.O., D.Sc., D.D. , Orthopathic & Natural Hygiene doctor, whose research about the best human nutrition for achieving optimal health and freedom from disease has great interest
for anybody concerned about their health and happiness.

Beginning by testing a disease-recovery theory (water fasting) on himself at the age of 19 - followed by many years of study and research.
Dr. Bass has been a nutritional researcher & doctor since the 1950's in the New York area, supervising 30,000+ health recoveries using diet & fasting. He has a likely record of 1000+ personal fasts himself.
He knew Dr. Herbert Shelton and wrote articles for his magazine. Due to his healing success and knowledge he is "Knight of Malta"

-- Would it be possible to test what the best nutrition is for superior health and long life? -- What is the key to having lots of energy? Can low energy cause depression? -- How TEST the many nutrition theories in existence? -- Is it possible to put together an all-raw vegan diet that does not cause deficiencies? -- How can you recover from any disease on your own?

Some of his fascinating conclusions you will find on these webpages.
Others in books and booklets written by Dr. Bass.

water fasting
Dr. Bass in 1956, testing a fasting theory on himself.
Symptoms when improving diet
Long life
Food combining
Feelings and food
In search of the ideal diet
High-carb diet problems
Vegan diet problems
Primitive man & his health

"Let's have the truth though the heavens fall."   Herbert Shelton

Dr. Stanley S. Bass was ordained as a Knight of Malta on June 1, 1983 - by The Sovereign and Hospitaler Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, Knights of Malta - for decades of dedicated humanitarian service in promulgating and teaching the principles of Natural Healing And Living to doctors, clergymen of various faiths, professional alternative healing practitioners & educators, as well as organizing and serving in the supervision of the prevention, recovery and maintenance of health to thousands of people for many years.

Why do I feel sick when I start eating healthier? - How can I avoid diseases of aging? - How live long AND healthy?

Dr. Stanley S. Bass
N.D. D.C. Ph.C. Ph.D. D.O. D.Sc. D.D.
3119 Coney Island Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11235, USA

(718) 648-1500
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One-Year Health Plan// Single-Fee Plan w. 1 Month Free Care
Who is Dr. Bass?


How to solve problems - does it connect to health?
Negative emotions and feeling low - is the food to blame?


Dr Bass' Dog & Cat Food tip:
If you feed your dog raw meat scraps and intestines, plus up to 25% uncooked leafy greens (lettuce,kale etc.,for minerals), plus raw bones to chew on - your dog has a good chance to live 50% longer than on dry food - with fewer vet bills.
How to get your dog to eat the leafy greens? - blend it to almost liquid, then mix it with a little ground or chopped-up raw meat (chicken, fish) or an egg. - The same applies to cats, and other carnivore pets.
(If you want to know more, read this book: Schultze's Natural Nutrition for Dogs and Cats: The Ultimate Diet)

This website is a good example of Natural Hygiene - a 150+ year old self-empowering healing and health philosophy that was started by medical doctors - but almost forgotten in the 20th century.
Learn why it is now becoming mainstream again. Learn more about why no-drugs healing methods are not only cheap, but vastly superior.
Visit the organization   International Natural Hygiene Society - where Dr. Bass is one of the founders.


My First Water Fast
I was startled by the statement that all colds, fevers and influenzas were nature's attempt to free the body of disease. I devised an experiment to test this - click here
Fruit - Friend or Foe?
He lived on nothing but grapes - By the 32nd day, his gum was bleeding - one of his teeth fell out. He exclaimed: My God, I am detoxicating my teeth - click here
What Symptoms to Expect when Improving Your Diet
This initial letdown lasts about ten days, and is followed by an increase of strength, a feeling of diminishing stress and greater well-being. - click here
How Diseases are Cured
Dr. Shelton: - It is high time to learn about the causes of disease and of the "complications" that so frequently develop under regular care - click here
The Time-factor in Recovery
Dr. Shelton: - Why do we expect to get well in a hurry of a condition that requires a life-time for its development? - click here
Sequential Eating
Any quick digesting foods must wait till the slowest digesting foods leave the stomach - a process which can take up to 6 or 8 hours. - click here
How Important is Diagnosis?
Once the truth of how to live is understood, the process of illness can be reversed more or less painlessly by intelligent living - click here
How to Live 100 Years
If you follow a minimal diet you can achieve super nutrition. Let's look at Luigi Cornaro, who at age 35 was weak, sick, and dying - click here

How to Solve Problems
The following method, ancient in its origin, has been practiced by several civilizations dating back for thousands of years. - click here
Causes of Addiction to Habits
The key which unlocks the mystery of why most habits are difficult to break lies in the understanding of the stimulation and depression mechanism. - click here
How to Overcome Temptations
The very moment an undesirable craving has entered your consciousness, DON'T struggle with it. Absolutely REFUSE to consider its existence - click here
Attentive Eating
A subject which can radically change a person's life in all of its aspects - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. - Attentive eating. - click here
Energy in the Body
The lift we get from drinking coffee, or the expression of strong emotions - is the expenditure of energy, not its accumulation - click here
Energy, Feeling and Thought
The person who feels depressed or negative most of the time is low on the energy level scale and needs to increase rest and sleep - click here
New Concepts
All healing and regeneration is in ratio to the amount of energy which is available - the more energy, the more detoxicating healing - click here

Three Generations of Vegetarian Hygienists
These children, the skeletal development wasn't right, the dental arches were not well-formed, teeth came in crowded - click here
In Search of the Ultimate Diet
I put a group of mice on a fruitarian diet. But they didn't seem to be eating very much fruit, and they certainly weren't crazy about it - click here
The Ideal 100% Raw Diet
My aim here was to try to find a diet of 100% raw foods that mice and equally humans could live on, with all the factors needed for excellent health - click here
Vegetarian Diet & Food Plan
Dr. Cursio: - it represents more than 55 years of this brilliant nutritionist's experience as one of the greatest teachers in the field of Natural Hygiene - click here
Vegan rats die early & have low energy
When the vegetarian male died it was 22.8 months old. The omnivorous male had accomplished the same amount of work when it was but 6.9 months old. click here

Primitive Man - His Diet and Health
The duration of life is long, the people being yet strong and vigorous as they pass the three score and ten mark, and living in many cases beyond a century. click here
Aajonus: Primitive Diet Example
After 12 years eating raw meat and never having had any more than a little diarrhea, I learned to relax and not fear raw foodborne bacteria and parasites. click here
Dr. Shelton: How Much Protein?
There is a delicate balance between carbohydrates and proteins, to which we have to conform - disease and degeneration resulting from failure to conform. click here
Drs. Eades: High-Carbohydrate Problems
An anthropologist examining skeletal remains of early man can tell immediately whether the bones and teeth belonged to a hunter-gatherer (mainly protein eater) or a farmer (mainly carbohydrate eater)..." click here
Dr. Rosedale: Insulin's Metabolic Effects
The actual rate of aging can be modulated by insulin... We should be living to be 130, 140 years old routinely. click here

The Ten Health Commandments
Thou shalt lift thyself up through obedience to all of Nature's laws, and help thy brother to attain the same. click here
The Truth Behind All Religion
God is not punishing us with illness and disease. Our suffering is due to our ignorance of food's relation to health and happiness. click here
Practicing with Certainty
People who are told they have emotional problems are suffering from thinking problems. Their emotions are working fine. click here
Vivekananda: Man's True Spiritual Nature
Let positive, strong, helpful thought enter into their brains from very childhood. Lay yourselves open to these thoughts, and not to weakening and paralysing ones. click here

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My First Water Fast | Fruit - Friend or Foe? | DR. SHELTON: How Diseases are Cured | DR. SHELTON: The Time-factor in Recovery | What Symptoms to Expect when Improving Your Diet | Sequential Eating | How Important is Diagnosis? | How to Live 100 Years | DR. GROSS: Birth Defects can be Avoided! | What You do when You Vaccinate

| How to Solve Problems | Attentive Eating | Causes of Addiction to Habits | How to Overcome Temptations | Energy in the Body | Energy, Feeling and Thought | New Concepts

Three Generations of Hygienists | In Search of the Ultimate Diet | The Ideal 100% Raw Diet | DR. GIAN-CURSIO: Vegetarian Diet & Food Plan

Primitive Man - His Diet and Health | Aajonus: Primitive Diet Example | Eades: High-Carbohydrate Problems | Rosedale: Insulin's Metabolic Effects

The Ten Health Commandments | The Truth Behind All Religion | Practicing with Certainty | VIVEKANANDA: Man's True Spiritual Nature

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International Natural
Hygiene Society
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We supported Dr. Bass by making this website, since we think his knowledge is far too valuable not to try to spread to as many as possible.
You can support Dr. Bass' education efforts about drug-free healing - by buying his books or giving a tax-deductable contribution to his "The Life Science" foundation
Natural Hygiene Network in H.
NOTE: Dr. Stanley S. Bass does NOT endorse any products, and does NOT approve of drugs or herbs or any socalled "cure" of any kind.
Dr. Bass has instead worked tirelessly to teach how we can help our bodies heal themselves WITHOUT drugs or "cures", which only delay and hinder any natural healing.
Please report any usage of Dr. Bass' articles for promotion of products - click here, thanks.

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