It has been about 5 months since i even looked at my computer , and BTW this one is not it.I have done what so many of us do in the light of the painful truth about our world, its governance by corporate anarchy. i looked for the soft suicide of being drunk to show i don't care , that its all a joke that nothing I can do will change anything. But in a turn around 3 months ago I quit that , pot , cigarrettes , moved to nevada , and i work still to activate the latent powers we have through independence, and standing up wherever it is needed. I have but one idea that is neither new or novel , but may hold in it the only potential force that will do any good to a movent that seems to lack a soul.

What I think will change a bunch of disjointed blurred topics of activism into a purposeful and powerful group is animism. Animism is the beleif that everything has an anima , the latin word for soul. It was natural to all human beings before we needed the idea of a monolithic and separate god , which has made religion seem so false and driven so many into atheism or agnosticism, for fear of being associated with such a tainted anthropocentric idea.

In the scheme of animism , there can be no isolation. For instance, when you lie , it is open and obvious to the subconcious which interfaces with the mass conciousness that the falsehood is . This then creates a separation of the concious mind from the intuitive function that comes from the subconcious. When you use the earth for gross , profane , disposable things , you take away from other things that are natural and deserve to exist, your subconcious knows this , but it learns to be ignored , we learn to shut ourselves out of this conection. This results in our isolation from nature and perhaps some form of perversion that comes from the falsehoods we surround ourselves with , devote our attention to, and base all we declare to be dignified , not philosophically , but actually. this is promoted through the dollar, money , economy being the be all and end all , of all that is important to the majority of human beings.This will be further elaborated on in the future, and the rest of the site will be modified.Nevertheless I am leaving you with most of the site as it was because the methods to interrupt society still need to be offered and contemplated , as we may need to devote our lives and deaths to actually achieve the change that has to come before it is too late. With love for the tao and all of you -Ismac

christianity has washed away knowledge of the great work . industry has been built over the violence of science , and it brutalizes you whether you work in an office or a factory , or in one of our fine institutions .so smile , embrace your ignorance. At least that beats thinking this is the way nature intended it.

  • (FUCK) Western culture is divinely inspired by king capitalism .We exist under the dicktatorship of the dollar . undermining the will(YOUR WILL). self determination is vital to evolution,opposite of our progress(?). institution cause us to believe we are weak and need their strangulation(COPS)to live in a box of laws they convince we need , then business sell us "progress", or the hysteria (death aka medicine). thousands of years old tribal society, people made everything/nothing. Now carcinogens , teratogens, mutagens . old-timers going brain dead ( lead pipes carrying water , flouride , additives, etc ), no wonder people could put up with the labor abuse that went on in the early part of this century. Our society subdues us with wave after wave of propaganda , untill they have created an entire culture floating in the sky, almost entirely removed from the reality that is survival. Its all plastic smiles hiding the grinding teeth. The mental illusion of saturation promotes itself through habit ,as people become weakened and lose the desire to be creative or truely individual.We all get along wearing the "gap" clothes , eating "mcdonalds "etc. The people who are exploiting are forced/free to do it , and will be rewarded with profit yet condemned to pay for these abusive institutions with tax.
  • We are bombarded constantly by the force of authority at work ,in school, and by volumes of law that was written in good old fashioned jibberish. We are all influenced by TV , whether or not we watch it jibberish .We are judged by some madison ave standard, that will never exist for real people.FUCK THEIR SHITTY DREAM. FUCK THE FORCES OF DOMESTICATION! It is just another scrap of garbage in our landfill minds, a ploy to stand up to their pile of consumer waste with an even larger collage of shit.It is up to you, and it is your fault as well. we are being doped to sleep because we cant handle what is going on , get mad break something that is not yours.wake up you lazy motherfucker . DO something , any fuckin thing.
  • Why do we let ourselves be manipulated?do you cry yourself to sleep ? or just snuggle up in your blankets after gettin laid ? HUH ? shed the layers of illusion , retain your soul from the places you have given it too.no more hormones to urge you on , no more hobbies to trifle with your time, or entertainment to sing you into your twilight, no more school to superimpose structure over the unstructurable,no more corporations to advertise on your back or on your car, advertisement is the poison that is subduing your greater will, no more careers to stick your head up your ass with , no culture to climb, no such thing as getting ahead, just a self image you must learn to control and manipulate . Then , by the force of pure will unhitched from petty and equal desires , as you master your own image , others also will hypnotically be drawn into it.... ,however the purpose is not to find followers , but to create equal leaders , people who will snuff out this diseased and braindead lesion of weakness and conformity.There is but one goal and it is freedom !!!!

    Cultureis the enigmatic force behind our actions. It lives in the symbols we can decipher , including language , clothes , technology, etc. Mastery of those symbols is vital to challenging their generally accepted meaning. This is "culture jamming".

    • Mostly we are unaware of our culture untill we recognize someone or something ignores the protocol of our standards.
    • Most people are paralyzed because they are convinced by patriotic bullshit they are already in the land of the free , so they must be free .
    • It is blatantly obvious that it is not the case.
    • To displace the current status quo , you must know your enemy well enough to identify its influence , and its vulnerability.
    • Vulnerability is a dangerous thing to play with , because it can be aggravated if not properly attacked. Then you are the vulnerable one.
    • the artificial structures that brace our overextended population should be removed , and the population should fall to more natural levels.
    • The foremost mental illness in the world is the myth about the sacredness of HUMAN life only. Life is sacred , or it is not. Implying that Human life is the only good , or any of that wistful philosophic shit , causes death to become an evil , and consequently life a sadistic exercise in futility, which it probably is . This is soothed by religion that reassures us our precious egos won't be destroyed with death . The fact is that nature has many ways to make life precious , and its associated with the many ways it has to destroy the weak , affirming the truth that nothing worth doing is easy.
    • What will happen is a collapse of the economy , which is also the driving force behind our population overextension . This could result in rioting , civil war , famine , all of which leads to various plagues from dead bodies . Once again , nature will demand that the strong survive , and in the human realm , it is a fine balance of inspiration , numbers , strength , and ingenuity.
    • now we all can do whatever we can in our powers to bring it down . All this only to prevent even further more permanent damage from our corrupted species.
    • find creative places to dump garbage, preferably in expensive places where it doesn't exist to remind people of the waste they create with all this pre-packaged shit.(just make sure some poor sap on minimum wage doesn't have to clean it up)
    • Get credit cards and spend as much credit as possible , to inflate projections of growth and kill the economy with bankruptcy.
    • Take out loans and buy shit you will need to survive , and avoid paying them back .
    • Sabotage infastructure to drain the coffers of government and create an eventual tax revolt .
    • ruin new cars on the lot , blow up gas stations , or better yet the oil company offices.
    • make modern life as inconvienent as possible . Businesses that have enjoyed the protection of law as they exploit us and the world deserve a little vigilante justice.
    • And be clear in the targets that they are Multi-national corporations , the big menace as they really exploit labor and resources.The heart of all mayhem though is electricity .

    Electricity is responsible for people pacifying themselves with TV , letting some far away people they don't even know tell them how to act by the simple act of condoning the action by watching it , computers too . Electricity is the cause of the rot in our minds. Without its always present influence the grassroots will grow. Nothing outside of unfair police brutality causes a riot like a blackout.(10%of the population panics in a blackout followed by 90% of the population) look at any of the places struck by a hurricane or tornado , they always instantly have posses partolling the wrecked homes to keep looters away . and there are groups dedicated to protecting business , and the status quo and between us and these groups there could be a civil war. look at banks , they are full of money . look at the buildings going up , yet what comes up must go down , look at the construction equipment , always giving destruction , but never taking any , isn't it unfair!

    The easy targets are in business, so utilize sabotage of physical and electronic capital. Graffiti also would be a way to circumvent the slander that Tv and news media would promote .Make the message clear simple and thought provoking. The war is in the information people see, so staple flyers on telephone poles on bulletin boards. Graffitti billboards. Do pirate radio. Of course , alienation is also a side effect,Analyze your own motivations , because if they are purely because you always felt left out ,this isn't going to win you friends or is it going to satisfy social shortcomings , go out make friends instead . Expect jail . Do things more intelligent and symbolic than purely destructive . I repeat , DO THINGS MORE INTELLIGENT AND SYMBOLIC THAN DESTRUCTIVE. i mean christ have some wit about your actions. Remember if anyone dies you will be hunted down so don't do it unless you are ready to die , which is probably better than life in prison. extremity only causes our rights to be further curtailed so be careful, use your credit to buy surveillance equipment , don't assume telephone lines are safe or the house isn't bugged .There is a strong campaign going on now of sabotage by the ALF(animal liberation front) . They typically target animal testing labs and companies or even Mcdonalds , on the recent int'l day of protest. Teach yourself about guerilla tactics through observation and practice, even shoplifting is a guerrilla tactic , because its not the stealing thats wrong ,buisness does it every day , its who the law is protecting , and that is not You.don't fool yourself and think you have to be macho , esp. if your still a teenager , before you do anything drastic let your feelings settle. Of course if your under 16 ,raise hell , literally, you got a free pass untill the laws change , and that might be sooner than later(unless you kill someone , then you could get tried as a adult if you get caught)don't forget though , the best years are 18-21 , so don't do anything serious if your going to be bitter and come looking for me . On the surface , there are several vulnerable points to our culture of industrialism that I have noticed.
    1. Destroy Time.DESTROY TIME. DESTROY SCHEDULES. We operate on the gregorian calendar, work a 5 or 6 day work week. Punch in and out of a time clock. We get 2 /15 minute breaks and a half hour lunch. Think about this one , everything is on a tight schedule, most people are severely drained by the schedule they keep. Find ways to throw people off schedule. Block traffic( hop in a dumptruck for a joy ride and dump the payload in the way of a busy intersection, change or destroy clocks where ever possible , or shut down power grids .We worship holidays that are insignificant except for nationalist purposes, while ignoring solstices , equinoxes ,and planetary movements,which are times "intelligent" beings probably should observe.(which haven't been the majority since pagan times) Other ways you can fight are by being late (punctuality also has its uses), ignoring the clock , and doing things at odd times(i.e. flying a kite at night, or go door to door at night..Perhaps you may have noticed in the newspaper a little chart that reports animal activity along an am-pm continuum. If I'm not mistaken , this probably correlates with lunar activity. Try keping its hours for a week or two.One other possibility , say if you are not a morning person is to awaken every day for a week before sunrise and simply watch the sun rise.Pay attention to your body as it shifts out of rut. Try walking very slow , or cutting in line , don't be afraid to fight , because it will happen.
    2. Another feature of our culture is our work obsession. "Idleness is the devils plaything", so goes an old obviously protestant maxim.There are many ways one could undermine the demands we are force fed , that require us to plunge into the economy.There are two paths you can follow on this one. You can practice making things you need from gathering ,or you can be a hunter and go shoplifting/ stealing .I can't help but advocate the second option, but if you do ,don't do it from small businesses,poor people etc. look out for cameras , employees , think about anything else but don't daydream, and realize that the big stores got to where they are by perfecting the art stealing from employees and consumers alike. Not that any of this will help if you get caught, so if you do , make a run for it .Use your brains , thats what all this shit is about anyways. In my opinion(for whatever that adds up to) , forget about your goal of becoming a middle manager, survival will be the key commodity of the post -american civilization. There are also alternatives for the less marauding types. Many people around the world take a vow of poverty to live an ascetic life. If you have ever thought seriously about the burden possessions are , perhaps this may hold hidden fruit for you.

    So who is the enemy? Government might be one answer. Only a fool would try to oppose them militarily , or even by using terrorist ploys. Those kinds of things tend to backfire. People get hurt , jailed , and they are needed on the outside. The immediate enemy is corporate influence of politicians. Destroying companies that exploit through cyber attacks , property damage , loss of power , etc. is probably going to be the front lines for a long time, that and political organizing,and publicity that leans away from extreme views. The enemy often is us when we fly off at the mouth.It is us when we agree all these things are good , but don't change our lifestyle.Remember , a minor threat on the stability in america , if it gains a healthy hysteria , could destabilize the market, cause a crash , and massive social unrest .Those who have friends in the right places , and the ability to defend themselves would survive.

    If you havent figured it out yet , I welcome the chaos that would ensue ,I hope that the dangerous and violent would destroy each other , and at very least , the truely strong would survive.This may not be what many so-called anarchists believe in , but it is not unlikely after the centuries of codependency people have been weaned on.I remember Aleister Crowley disavowed anarchy in the Book of Lies stating:"Imagine , a policeman turned loose upon the people", fancy that. Anyhow, even if I am not one of the ones who make it , It is still better for me than seeing the world steadily become entirely paved , and studded with a grid of wal-marts. Regardless of what I want to see ,there is no question that if karma exists , if there is something greater than us ,there will be a serious correction in the overextended everything that one day will break-off and disappear. Have a great equinox , love ismac

    Ahau tzab can

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