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Story Boarding Every Film has one, in Animation it is the process where the Film will be directed. Every Animation Film must be completely drawn out on StoryBoard pages, the StoryBoard must contain all the shots that will appear in the final project. Unlike in Live Action, Animated Films are not edited after they have shot a bunch of extra film (of course with the exception of T.V. airing, but that is for adult content and airing time). Contained in this ZIPfile is a StoryBoard for Anime that may be used as Shareware. If you like what you see, order the whole book that contains all StoryBoard aspects and contains StoryBoards already illustrated for instructional use on "How To" StoryBoard with 100 StoryBoard sheets on 20lbs. paper. You gotta UNZIP and you must have a GIF viewer and printer in order to Use and Print.


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