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Vampire Teeth with a Touch of Perspective in Manga

Vampire teeth 1Vampire teeth 2

Vampire teeth are usually used a lot in Anime as well as Manga. Besides the usual meaning of Anger/Rage, it can also represent Shock, Embarrassement, a D'oh or Duh! feeling, etc.


The above Panel if from UNDESIRE (Available later this year in Manga mook form)

This is treamy sitting in a dinner writing in her book and thinking. This is to show all of you that you must keep the figure closed to you Bolder and thcker than the background or from any object that is in the background. THE SECOND pic is INKED with a computer (just the female figure) while the rest of the page is uninked and in pencil form.

Another quick lesson on perspective below. Notice how the horizonline determines how the perspective object will look from that angle.

Things to remember when drawing perspective: 1. Always start with the horizon line and the vanishing point(s). 2. There is no limit to how many vanishing points a dicture can have. 3. When dealing with panels/shots any object below the horizon line is called Birds-eye view, any object below this line is called Worms eye view, on the line is called Normal or Eye Level. Later, Bye my books, e-mail me for more and all info, any questions, comments, and suggestions.

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