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Anime NotePad

In Anime when animating the mouth from the front, never animate or move the Jaw, only animate the mouth, eyes and maybe the eyebrows for expression.

When animating the eyes blinking, squinting, widening, or winking the top eyelid always move and the bottom eyelid is still or in standard position.

Animating the mouth from the side or profile, the lower Jaw and the bottom lip are animated while the upper lip and Jaw are unanimated in standard form.

Physical Tools for Animation: Stop Motion Film Camera with Stock, Camera Mounted Worksation with Lights and Barndoors, HB Pencils, A Script, Inking Nibs and ink, Animation Paper by the 100's, Light Box with PegBoard(s), Painted or Computer Generated Backgrounds, Animation Cels by the 100's, Mood Sketches and Turn Around Sketches, Referance for Special Effects and Walks,

Notes: When viewing referance material on a VCR or LaserDisc, one must remember VHS and CAV run at 1 2 3 4 4 time code in slow motion and CLV and other high quality digital discs run at true frame rate.

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