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Screen Tones in Manga

Screen tones are very exspensive and are see throu Vellum or some sort of paper. They come in various circle sizes and are cut with scissors or with an X-zato knife. These days in Japan and even in America people who draw Manga or Manga-kas are useing more and more digital screen tones, it's cheaper, faster, and you can erase and be more expressive with it these days. The drawing on the left is a before picture (pre-screen tone) and of course the picture on the right is after the screen tone was added.

This is an example of screen tones done on Computer. Placeing the tiny circles together give the illution of dark shading while putting them farther apart gives the illution of going from dark to lighter shading. In order to use this technic you must go to your Pencil Icon (or if is on your Toolbar) find the LINE Width changer on your Art Program and then change the STRAIGHT line to the BROKEN or DOTTED line.

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