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Manga Fu and Lifted Pages/Female Anatomy 2

Above is the Female Anatomy in Shape form (under the body construction, make-up, the skeleton). Study the various shapes of the body. I.E. circles for Elbows, Knees, and Shoulder Joints.


This is the cover for JIKA™ by Bill Jimenez

When inking a cover or drawing keep in mind that you are looking at it in perspective. All objects closed to you will be Bolder and all objects farther from you will be thinner outlined. Make sure to all rounded areas thicker, it gives shapes DEPTHS and Character. You should use a Sable Hair Brush numbers 1, 3, and 5 for inking and a liner or technical pen for inking backgrounds until you can get full control of the brush.

Above: Take more closer note to the skeleton of a female.

things to remember: 1. The females Pelvis Bone is larger than a males (their crocth area), that is the reason women have hips that are bigger compared to men. 2.Start with the skeleton always, it will define the shape and posture for your character. 3. Refer back to Female Anatomy

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