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The female Anatomy is quite easy to easy draw. Some rules of thumb you might want to jot down on a cheat sheet or noptepad are as followed. 1. Begin with an oval as your head to determine the size of your figure. note: The bigger the head the larger the over all female's body will be. 2. Female bodies are usually around 7 1/2 to 8 heads tall. note: Of course this changes when dealing with chibi's, they usually stand at 3 1/2 heads tall. 3. When figureing out where the hips of a female will go, define where the Pelvis will be then draw a triangle from the center of her Pelvic bone (Crotch) to her two Shoulders then draw another triangle from the center of the Collar bone to the two sides of her waist. Where the two triangles interlock and they make V's on either side of her body (just below the Rib-Cage) is where her hips will be and start. When dealing with Manga hair, always remebers that they have "SHINE" spots, this is the part of the hair that reflects light and is usually coloured a lighter shade of what the over all hair is coloured. I.E. if the hair is Red then the shine spots might be PInk or a light Purple. This is also true for Anime characters. note: the Shine spots follow in the same direction the hair falls or flows.

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