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Antignano, Eileen

Dept. Secretary, Station 2

Balzarano, Allen

Station 1

Balzarano, Julia

Ladies Service Company


Brett, Dan and Ellen

Station 3

Brett, KC and Mary

Station 3

Brett, Lee

Ex-Chief, Commissioner, Station 3

Brown, Wendy

Ex. Capt. Co.6 Station 1

Buck Jr. George

Past member, Company 5

Carter, Ray

Ex Chief, Charter Member, Lifetime


Casey, Chris


Cerny, Al

Ex. Chief, Commissioner, Station 1

Colantonio, Dominic

Past Commissioner, Ex. Capt. Co. 5

Colantonio, Steve

Past member, Co 2

Crespo, Bobby

Station 3

Curley, Charlie

Station 3

Doherty, Ryan

Station 3

Donnelly, Bill

Station 1

Droge, Joe

Station 2

Dugan, Scott

Station 2

Farina, Richard

Ex. Captain, Lifetime

Fitzpatrick, Kevin

Company 1

Fleming, Mike

Past member, Ex Captain, Company 2


Fleming, Tom

Past member, Company 5, Ladder 4

Ford, Kevin

Station 1

Franzosa, Joe

Captain Station 2

Gartland, Dennis Sr.

Ex. Capt. Co. 2, Lifetime

Granato Dominick

Station 2

Greehy, Dennis

Past member, Company 1

Greer, Rich

Captain, Station 3

Grosse, Kenneth

Company 4

Guidice, Mike

Lieutenant, Station 2

Herold, Bob

Ex-Chief, Company 2

Herold, Peter

Ex-Captain, past member Company 2

Hinrichs, Bill

Ex. Captain, Station 3

Intriglia, Jim

Past member, Co. 6

Intriglia, Karen

Past member, Co. 6

Kelly, Joe and Joan

Ex. Chief - Lifetime Member

Kennedy, Richie and Marie

Ex. Captain Station 3

Klein, Bill

Lifetime, Ex. Capt. Station 2

Klein, Joe

Station 2

Klein, Tom

Station 1

LaPietra, Joe

Ex. Captain Fire Police Station 2

Lotten, Doug

Ex. Chief, Staion 1

Lynch, Frank J.

Lifetime member, Ex. Capt. Co.2

Magee, Dennis

Company 1


Martin, Bill (Florida)

Ex. Chief, Past Commissioner

Mayer, John Sr.

Station 3


Mayer, John Jr.

Junior Company

Mayer, Timmy and Kathy.

Ladies Service Co.

McCarren, Steve

Assistant Chief, Station 3 - Captain

McDowell, Jim and Ruth

Dept Treasurer, Station 2

McElhiney, Bob (Mac)

Lifetime, Ex. Capt. Co.1

McGann, Andrew

Lifetime, Ex. Capt. Co.3

McMahon, Patrick

Past member, Co.2


Station 3

Monthie, David

Station 2

Morganelli, Chris

Company 2

O'Toole, Neil

Station 2

Paxton, Lance

Ladder Co. 4

Peiliker, Ed

Ex-Chief, Station 2

Petersen, Herb

Station 1

Pilkington, Brendan

Station 2

Pouletsos, John

Ex-Chief, Past Commissioner,Station Three

Romaszka, Lisa

Past member, Station 2

Romonoyske, Barbara

Ex. Captain Co.6 Station 1, Retired Department Dispatcher

Schmitt, Andrew

Lifetime, Ex. Chief

Simas, Rob

Ex-Captain Station 2

Thornhill, Edy

Department Secretary, Station 1

Thornhill, Frank

Ex-Chief,Past Commissioner, Station 1

Varnis, Craig

Station 2

Waite, Fin

Ex. Captain, Station 2


Wesley, William, Jr.

Assistant Chief - Station 2

Whittam, Dennis

Ex. Captain, Station 2

Wolf, Bill Jr.

Past member, Station 2

Wolf, Bill, Sr.

Lifetime, Ex. Capt. Co.3

Wright, Donal

Station 2

Young, Tom

Station 3

Znaniecki, John&Debbie

Ex. Capt Co. 2, Past President, Ladies Service Co.