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Connect "El Mundo" By Language

About this web site
Spanish/Espanol -Learn Spanish
Other Languages French, German, Italian, Thai
National Anthems It includes many for your listening enjoyment
Currency Exchange Rates
Foreign Languages For Travelers -Teaches the very basics of over 70 languages!
Multicultural Calendar
NY Learning Standards
Information about myself
Other features (Guestbook, Chat, hitometer, and time zones)

Spanish 8th grade


Information About This Website

This web site contains various links to many web sites to improve your Spanish or any other foreign language you may be studying. You can also find out about myself including my professional experiences and my educational background. You can even link on to the local schools in upstate New York where I've taught. Don't forget to try out the areas where you can find a pen-pal and chat but be sure to sign the guest book

Written by Lisa Coons June 1999
Updated on December 11, 2003

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