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John Cena's Freestyle - 06-05-2003

Yo yo yo yo. All this talk. All this Cruiserweight this.
This Rey Mysterio this. This Matt Hardy that.
These flyin' cruiserweights don't deserve a second look.
It's like watching the Haiti Kid beat up on Lord Littlebrook.
And they are so light in the pants they should be called transvestites.
I got more hits on the mike than free porno websites.
I got kids carvin' double horns on their bathroom stalls.
I ain't in this for the money, Lebron James took it all.
And Chris Benoit? Yeah, you got fans, but I don't respect you.
The only Wolverine I see is in X-Men 2.
And I beat up an preppy punk wearing Abercrombie & Fitch.
I'll sign his autograph first, then run away with his ______!