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The *other* woman...

Some Daria facts

Hmm, I knew it would come to this...It s time to discuss *her*...Now its now that I m jealous or anything but Little miss Daria is giving me a run for my money in the race for Trent s heart. So anyhow, let me being...Daria met Trent on the way to a party (he was playing chaufeur) and well all I can say is that she had it bad for him the first moment she saw him. From then one Daria would see him on occasion, at his house, on the way to a concert etc. And the entire time she played it cool...Well not to cool but as she as she could. And up until a few months ago I thuoght I had an in. So he doesnt know me...I was gonna change that. But It turns out that Trent knows about Daria's current condition...Its sad really No body is making ANY type of move. It seems like theres alot of tension between them...sexual tension that is.. opps I m getting off track. So theres Daria, she s around 5 yrs younger then Trent, shy around him and most of all acting coy. What is up with that??? Now I know that I m not getting Trent anytime soon...Thats why I ve set myself up with an altar BUT Daria has a chance. Trent seems to have taken special interest in her...Lets just hope something happens before they re both to old to date...

The "Tension" between Trent and Daria

Darias End: If I was going to get into more detail, I would say that Daria's attraction to Trent is based on a need for mental and physical fullfillment in a young woman s life. She seems to lack the nerve to do anything about this leadind her to have dreams in which she puts herself down. This is totally avoidable! If she simply would talk about her feelings instead of hiding tehm she would get much better results in her love life!
Trent s End: I didnt believe that there was really much going on here until his eyes popped open at the flea market during Daria s stare fest. So we know that Trent is well aware of Daria's affection for him. not the question on all our minds.. What is he going to do about it?? Well from what I ve seen over the past 1 1/2 yr(3 seasons, he seems to be overly nice wile nugging her to come out of her shell!! While this mightwork for a while we know somebody is going to get really bored. Anyhow we then find out that Trent has an unstable relationshipwith Monique. They finally break up leaving an opening for Daria. Hopefully someone (like Jane) will push her through it!!
Hard days night by the Beatles..again Very right for the moment!!