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Trent Lane...the untold story..

Trent Lane
22 yrs old
Lead vocalist and guitarist
MYSTIK SPIRAL...but please don't get attached to the nam
111 Howard Lane
Lawndale, Us

As stated in the URL, I ve been stalking Trent for sometime right now.. About 3 years and I ve learned alot about him...most information was confidential but I got it..(ok I went into his house through the broken door but come one...can you blame me??) Anyways heres what was learned in no particular order!!

Mini biography

Trent Lane is a 22 yr old starving artist living in Lawndale...(ok he s an over fed musician but who s getting technical) He live s at home with his sister Jane. Oddly enough his boehimean parents are never home. Along with Kane Trent has 3 other brothers and sisters. wind(bro) Penny and Summer (sisters) Trent has a band, Mystik Spiral, sort of an introspective rock band..but to me it just sounds like a lot of screaming...(sorry but I m honest) Anyhow Along with Jesse, Max and Nick he performs at places all around Lawndale. (Catch them on Sundays @ McGrundy's pub) Trent doesn't have a love life anymore due to his break up with long time girlfriend Monique (you know I threw a party) But he does seem interested (sorta) In Daria Morgendoffer, (janes best friend) Anyhow If you need anymore info, just ask d be surprised what you can find underneath his bed!!

Heres a list of some stuff I thought you might find interesting! Some of Trent s favorite and not so favorite things...most of which you probably already know about

Its Trent's God playing. The Black Page by Frank Zappa