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*********Trent Lane**********

Why I worship Trent

This is an everlasting candle I lit in Honor of the god Trent. He rules over all that sleeps, plays music and *uh* Mystikally Spirals?? (But dont get attched to the name)
In reality, Trent Lane is a 22 yr old guitarist for the band of Mystik Spiral. His hobbies including: Eating, sleeping, finding new chords,sleeping and being completely oblivious to Daria's advances.
Go here to explore this thing they might have (over my dead body...)
Now, Yes I am obsessed with Trent...I ve tried getting help, I ve tried not watching the show...I ve even tried hypnotism...nothing works..SO now I m QuangyJane am declaring to the world that I love Trent Lane and will always do so...
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Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray Trent my body to take..And if he doesn't before I wake...Many Pizzas in his honor I shall bake
"My Trent who art in Darialand, tent be not thy name ......"Thy will be done so calm down there boy!...On earth as it is in heeeaaa...opps not soo loud
Oh Trent help me to learn that one new chord that I just can't play, and help me sleep another day
ITs Help by the Beatles...It fits doesn't it?
Please say a prayer and light a candle on your way out
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