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This was originally a black and white photo of April with her hair cut off. I used PhotoShop's Hue Saturation Filter. First I made separate selections with the pen tool. Then saved them as channels. Then I applied the filter.
     I used the rubber-stamp tool to re-create the hair. Then cut and pasted in the background you see.

    This is a Picture of April and her sister Yoyo. It was originally taken in her kitchen which was painted yellow. I used PhotoShop's pen tool to create a path around the subjects, then made a selection out of it. I then cut and pasted them in the background. With a little rotation and transforming it looks seamless.

      However the text was another story. It is called liquid metal there were numerous steps to create the text here too many to go into to too much detail. The text started out black, I used channels, masks, inverted techniques and distorted paths. To create what you see.

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