John Reinhard Dizon's Revolutionary War Novel!!!

The Brand is a historical fiction novel centered on the War of Independence at the American Colonies of the 18th Century. This is an action-adventure saga focusing on Anglo-Irish, Native American and women's issues set against a revolutionary backdrop. This revenge tragedy sets the major protagonists against an oppressive regime in Northern Ireland, resulting in their migration to the Colonies to seek vengeance against the forces of the Crown. The conflict finds resolution as the insurgents earn their victory and the Irishmen wreak their own vengeance at a terrible price.

Cast of Characters

Sean Coleraine

Branded as a seditionist and scarred for life, Sean seeks revenge against the British Empire. He accepts a mission to hijack a bullion shipment to the American Colonies, and decides a sting operation would be the sweetest payback. An expert gambler and card magician, he targets gambling addict Colonel Blackmore as his mark. Only his meeting with second-in-command Capt. O'Connell's beautiful daughter Beth makes him realize that there is far more ahead of him in life than vengeance against the British Army.

Flynn Ravernet

The swashbuckling King of Thieves takes Sean's offer of participating in the sting for $10k in exchange for his skills as a highwayman. Flynn proves just as much of a negotiator in bringing the Spanish ambassadors to the Colonies in on the deal. He also romances the Marquis' beautiful daughter Magdalene in finding safe haven in Spain should the operation prove successful.

Beth Mc Connell

Privileged, well-educated and beautiful, the daughter of Captain Mc Connell is independent and opinionated, outspoken on issues of women's rights in the Europeanized society of the Colonies. She is also sympathetic towards the Patriotic cause though compromised by her father's position as a British officer. Beth falls in love with Sean though realizing his life is at risk, knowing a repeat offense for a seditionist wearing The Brand is death. She also knows that her association with the Patriots can ruin her father's career. She walks a moral tightrope, not wishing to endanger her father's position though fully aware of the mortal danger facing the man she loves.

Magdalene Torquemada

The lovely daughter of the Marquis of Catalonia, Magdalene finds herself to be the object of the affections of highwayman Flynn Ravernet himself after meeting him at a social event. She becomes determined to find him a place in Spanish society once his mission is accomplished. Moreover, she eventually teams with Princess Nightshade in an integral though dangerous part of the sting operation.

Colonel Keith Blackmore

The career officer's only vice of gambling does little to inhibit his capabilities as an administrator in His Majesty's prison system. Yet it is the only chink in his armor that the Irish militants are able to exploit. Keith's ego is also a detrimental factor as he is unable to accept the heavy gambling losses he suffers at the hands of Sean Coleraine. Assigned to oversee the delivery of the bullion shipment from Philadelphia to Boston, he takes a calculated risk of playing one last game with Coleraine without realizing that it may turn into a game of double jeopardy.