Beastie Boys, and other bands get ready for Tibetan Freedom Concerts

Performers at this year's Tibetan Freedom Concerts were announced, and artists such as the Beastie Boys, the Roots, Rage Against The Machine, Thom Yorke, Buffalo Daughter, Eddie Vedder, Outkast, and the Living End have all confirmed to preform at four different shows spread across continents.

Deyden Tethong of the Milarepa Fund confirmed the lineups for the shows at a press conference in New York City taken place Friday afternoon, where she was joined by Beastie Boy and Tibetan Freedom Concert co-founder Adam Yauch, and other Milarepa officials and Tibetan rights activists.

After the press conference, Adam Yauch talked with MTV News about some of the factors involved in scheduling artists for the global concerts.

"It's all different the way the bill comes together," Yauch said. "Sometimes people ask if they can play. A lot of times it depends on what people are available so far as what their touring schedules are like and whether they're recording or not. It usually kind of falls together one way or another." (available to download on this page on Real Player)

The concerts will benefit the Milarepa Fund, a group raised by the Beasties that campaigns for the end of the 40-year Chinese Government occupation of Tibet, although the Chinese government has so far been unswayed by the annual music shows.

Yauch speaks on bands playing in the TFC

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