Ill Communication WAVS

Sure Shot
...barking of the dog
...Mike D come and rock the Sure Shot
...MCA come and rock the Sure Shot
...mad hits like I was Rod Carew
...suuuure shooooot
...cause you cant ya wont and ya don't stop
...ok last one its when MCA talks about grey hairs
Tough Guy
BBoys Makin with the Freak Freak
...stick my dick in the mash potatoes
Root Down(1)
Root Down(2)
...because I got the flow were I grab my dick and say oh my god thats the funky shit
...oh my god its a mirage I'm telling y'all its sabotage
...I'm trying to tell y'a now its sabotage
...I can't stand it, I know you planned it, I'm gunna set it strait -this watergate
Get it Together...12 oh my god is ringing, oh my god
Alright Hear This
Flute Loop
...give it up you don't quit like that y'all pop some more shit

Do it
Ricky's Theme