The Official You Go First Home Page
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The Official You Go First Home Page

Hi everyone, and welcome to the new improved You Go First Home Page!
We're the kewl little Punk/Ska band from around Poughkeepsie, NY. Sorry things have been messed up lately, but is a lot easier to use than WBS.
Life is good in the land of You Go First, We were gonna play at the "Academy Awards" at Millbrook HS, but things are a little rocky right now, so were really sorry to all of you "Trendy Gap Poseurs from Millbrrok", really we are. We're also playing at the John Jay Jams or whatever it is this year, so all the John Jay kids should come see us, too!

So, I'm guessing most of you all want to know who's in the band. Well, here's the list:
Josh DeBonis: Guitar/Vocals/Jess's boy/Computer nerd #1
Tyler Saunders: Bass/Vocals/In the closet gay man (private joke)/Computer nerd #2
Jamie Nytko: Trumpet/Vocals/Wierd noises/As long as Brad has a face..../ALFRED!
Darb "Eye Candy" Nivlag: Alto Sex/Vocals/Tyler's love slave/Loves Jess/loves Chrissy more/BATMAN!
Nate Palin: Drums/Addicted to the internet/I don't know him really well, but he's kewl so far
JesSKA Sarles: Alto Sax/Vocals/Josh's Girrly/Addicted to the internet/Pimpin the band(hey, i need $$)/ROBIN!

We now have a links here, and sign Jess's guestbook
So, that's about it for now kids.....thanks for stopping by!


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