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THE STORY....It's long!!


In December of 1999, I was on the quest for a Subaru. After years of scouting out the dealer lots, squandering countless hours on the internet looking at Subarus on the other side of the country, I finally found a Subaru that appealed to me. It was rare, loaded to the gills, and looked halfway decent. It was a 1994 Legacy GT Wagon at Colonial Subaru which was an oh so limited edition along with the Mi Alpine Sport and the Sun Sport wagons...Very sweet to drive. (Pictures to come soon) This was looking really good, but then came this Impreza. It was located at Ruge's Subaru in Rhinebeck, NY about 10 miles from me. (I have 2 Subaru dealers in a 10 mile radius of my house) They had had a FWD Impreza from 95 there the previous week, and I thought that this (my car now) was that one and I really didn't want to look at it. I went over out of boredom to look at it for he he's and ha ha's and it turns out that it was a new arrival. Immaculate shape, 44k, Spotless engine compartment, and a mint interior (minus a small 1 inch rip on the drivers seat). The only power things I have are the mirrors, brakes, and steering. Although I don't mind this because that means that there is less that can break. The optional accessories I have are AC, Deluxe carpeted floor mats, and a center console/armrest that I added into it as well as a SPT 18mm rear sway bar. font>

THis thing kicks some ass in the snow! I have Hercules Polar Trax snow tires that do the trick for stoping in the snow. I love spinning it like a top in big parking lots, and driving it through mud!. Ive had my share of problems, but the good of the car outweighs the bad. I have replaced the following as of 76,000 miles on August 1st, 2002: Brake callipers Brake Pads Rotors Cam Sensor Crank Sensor Steering Rack Tie Rods Thermostat Tranny fluid I now run Mobil 1 75w90 Synthetic in the rear differential Body work: Hood replaced with OEM Subaru Both Fenders replaced with OEM Subaru Windshield replaced Body damage was a result of over 1,000 lbs. of snow crushing the front end of my car when it fell off a barn roof at school in January of '02. !

Options and Accessories on my Impreza are:

  1. Center console/armrest
  2. Air Conditioning
  3. Automatic Transmission-with this being the first year of the 2.2l in the Impreza, a 5-speed manual was not an option.
  4. Power Mirrors
  5. Deluxe wheel covers
  6. 80W Stereo - Replaced with a Blaukuput Key West 168W CD Player
  7. AWD driving system-delivers traction from the wheels that slip, to the wheels that grip!

Future Options and Accessories:

  1. CD Player - COMPLEATED!!!!
  2. 7" Driving Lights - COMPLEATED!!!!
  3. Bug deflector - COMPLEATED
  4. Maybe some STi parts - YEAH RIGHT :)