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Beat the Dealer at his own game

You can do it if you know how

Casinos love it when a gambler plays a strategy because most players discontinue their strategies over time.

There is no secret to playing Blackjack. The skill lies in when to draw another card [HIT] and when to stop requesting cards [STAND] and hope your count beats the dealer's count.

The decision is not one of choice for the dealer. He must draw on a count of 16 or less, and stand on a count of 17 or more. He wins if his count is higher than yours or you draw a count more than 21 [Bust].

The Casinos beat players because most people discontinue their strategy over many games. They "hope" or "know" the next card will give them a winning count. They will draw when they should stand and give the game to the dealer when they "bust."

The Blackjack Strategy card eliminates this tendency. It keeps your strategy on track to win.

The Blackjack Strategy card is a playing card acceptable in casinos [and online casinos] as a player's helper. With this card at your side, you will always make the correct decision. Its playing card size [4 1/2" x 2 3/4"] allows you to carry this card to the table in your pocket or purse. And the durable, plastic laminated construction will be your winning companion for years to come.

Here's some free tips. Before you choose a table, walk around and size up the dealers. Play with dealers that cut deep into the playing decks [you have a better chance with more big cards dealt]. Watch dealers facial expressions. Some dealers may give a clue when they examine their hole card.

Remember, it is you versus them. And if you want to take a break, or if you go as a couple...

For further fun, we will include Slots for Seniors, a booklet of strategies, which when applied, will result in more "take-home" cash.

Slots for Seniors

Both of these aids to casino gambling will make your casino visit more enjoyable. Remember, it is you versus them. These aids are especially valuable to couples, where one likes to play Blackjack, and the other likes the slots. They are also valuable to the single player who likes to to take a break from a game and play something else.

They are available for $5 for both the Blackjack Strategy card and Slots for Seniors booklet.

Good Luck!

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