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vinyl my fucking skull.

UPDATE: Tuesday afternoon, August 22, 2001. - hello there. this morning i got motivated and added a shit load of vinyl etchings. once again if you have any you would like to share, feel free. i suppose, as of now that's all this page is going to be, so please feel free to email with any of the etchings from your collection.

Vinyl Etchings


Please go to the Kitchen Sink.
it's the site of my good Kristian. i didn't even know he updated anymore, but apparently he does, you should check it out, i mean, damn, he goes to Harvard. why isn't this link working right now? fucking shit. i'm an idiot who doesn't know shit about html...but this! this baffles me. whatever, the url is hook it up!

Seb got bored at work... Humans!...the el centro demolition crue. pictures and comments of boredom, drunkeness, spite, hate, love, and the like posted by the Prince of Darkness himself, Sebastian.

We Don't Sell Records..
For information on the EC punk scene and the like. Things like show information, message board, band information. Up the scientologist run regime of We Don't Sell Records in the Imperial Valley.

This is an anarchist FAQ page. It's very well organized and informative.

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