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Tricolor Books
Used & Rare French History

Welcome to Tricolor Books!

Tricolor Books is a mail-order and Internet-based business in out-of-print and rare books on French history and 18th-century Europe: academic, popular, antiquarian, remaindered, and, particularly, hard-to-find scholarly French books. Although I do most of my business with scholars and libraries, these books are not just for university professors, but for anyone interested in finding books on French history.

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Visit my Auctions page at eBay where, from time to time, I auction book lots and some individual books at very, very low prices. These include books that have been featured on this website and in my email catalogues but have not sold at my original price. Keep checking in for some excellent bargains. Have fun bidding!

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Members of the Tricolor mailing list will receive e-mail catalogues of new arrivals as they are compiled, about once a month. Email lists are often on a specific subject (the Revolution, the 20th century, women's history, cultural history, etcetera) and are sent to those who specify that they are interested in that subject.

I have sold many books to college and university libraries around the world. Please let your college/university library's acquisitions department know about me!

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Shameless self-promotion department:

Visit my author page and learn about my alternate identity, author Susanne Alleyn, and my novels A Far Better Rest, a retelling of Dickens's A Tale of Two Cities, available from many online booksellers, and Game of Patience, a historical mystery, coming March 2006 from St. Martin's Press.


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