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This is the new page Ive been working on, check it out.

This section has the regular boarders aswell.

These are charts that tell you how to do the SPINS, GRABS, and the PANDAS MOVES.

Secrets, sort of

180 Backflip without the Panda Boarder.

Choose Dragon Cave, then take the normal route with no shortcuts and go right off the cliff in the middle of the fence and the finger sign. Pull back on your joystick. As soon as you are upside down, push it to the right-forward position. It takes time to get this right.

NOTE: You can go higher off the cliff and make an easier landing by pressing A immediately before you jump.

Choose time attack from the menu and select the board and rider you prefer. Go to the mountain village course and continue until you are past the weird silo jump and before the car ramp. On the left there will be a road that is on a steep hill. Gain speed and try to go up it. When you start to slow down, keep pressing UP until you finally get to the top. When you do, you will fall off a cliff an everything will freeze the way it is except for the rider. You can do flips and spins to make cool looking swirls. You will be dropped off right before the car ramp after about 10 secs of falling.

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I'll continue to update this page if theres lots of hits

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