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This site is still under construction. I'm a very, very busy webaholic, and the construction will probably be perpetual, I realize that now! There are four major sections to this site; Poetry, Ghosts, Tori Amos, and Art work by friends. The poetry was published in 1892, hence I call the work resurrected. If you enjoy poetry, visiting this area will be a nice experience. The First Church of Harpsirelic is my little ghostly affair. My Tori Amos pages are new and improved. The art page features a few works by my chat bud, The Atomic Reindeer, an awesome artist. My latest project is a new WebRing devoted to ghost sites. This has been taking alot of time, but it's well worth it; for ghost sites to be found through a ring that serves the same purpose the sites do... Have fun during your visit here, and feel free to leave your thoughts in the guestbook.

THANKS to the kind organizations that make these pages possible.


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The Home of Harpsirelic

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