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Confessions Of a Drummer

This is also part of that same grade 12 English ISP... thats why the questions are kinda lame.

Sara: What type of musical backround do you have?

Trevor:Um, the type of musical backround that i have um,(which way do i talk [microphone tape recorder mix up up])I started playin when i was 10 and i um took lessons for a couple months and then i taught myself from there. And then in high school I studied like classical and jazz and i went in Kiwanas festival and stuff like that and then after high school I just played in a bunch of punk rock bands. and thats it.

Sara: Was that in Calgary?

Trevor: That was in Calgary

Sara: What did you take in University?

Trevor: Um, I never went to University I went to a... ya... I went to like a music school where I studied manegement, basically, like... [pauses because bill is playing his guitar very very loudly] I studied uhh [Bill being loud again] Yeah like I said I studied manegement, i took courses relating to the music industry, like publishing, producing, engeneering, stuff like that. It was fun.

Sara: What school was that?

Trevor: Harris Institute For The Arts.

Sara: What is the most important quality a musician should have?

Trevor: Tact I think, and taste. But those are things you cant really learn you just sorta have to have em I think. Some people have it and some people dont and you can tell when people dont have em.

Sara: What made you decide to be in a band?

Trevor: Ive wanted to be in a band since i was 10 years old, I dont know I just always wanted to be in a band. I dont know what made me decide... I dont know [so i take it he doesnt know] i just knew i always wanted to play music.

Sara: What made you decide to be in treble charger?

Trevor: I liked them.

Sara: What are the good things about your job?

Trevor: Whats good about my job? I get to travel, and sometimes i get free stuff... and free stuff is good. And I get to meet lots of people... and thats always alot of fun.

Sara: What are the bad things about your job?

Trevor: I have to travel... alot.. and its a good thing and a bad thing you know... you get to see alot of the world and stuff, but your never home. And you have to play the same songs every night, which can sorta get boaring sometimes. But for the most part its alot of fun.

Sara: What responsibilities come with being in treble charger?

Trevor: I sorta voulenteered to do the banking. And I run alot of errands for our maneger and stuff like that just cuz I enjoy it.

Sara: How stressfull is your job?

Trevor: Very stressfull.

Sara: In what ways?

Trevor: Theres alot of pressure to perform well [he means music... get your head out of the gutter hornballs] and you know, it can be stressfull. But its not as stressfull as air traffic controller or anything.

Sara: How stable is your job?

Trevor: For all I know I could be fired tomorrow. Thats how stable my job is.

Sara: How important is your relationship with the other band members?

Trevor: Very important. Cuz your together all the time so you have to be able to get along, and we do for the most part. so its good.

Sara: Who are you [closest] to in treble charger?

Trevor: Everybody. I love everybody.

Sara: So you'd call up Bill on a Saturday night and be like "Bill lets go hang out"

Trevor: Yeah we all hang out, yeah definately. Greig and I go snowboarding, and we go to raves and stuff like that. that fun.

Sara: How much of an impact does your job have on your personal life?

Trevor: I have no personal life because of my job. Im hardly ever home so this is my life.

Sara: What does the future look like for [the band]?

Trevor: I dont know... pretty good i guess... Things are looking pretty good... were doing well so I'm happy. and we'll hopefully do another album soon and yeah it will be fun.

Sara: If [the band] broke up what would your next job be?

Trevor: Um... Garbage man. I dont know. I'd probably keep playing music if I could. And if i couldnt I'd probably try to get into the buisness end of things.

Sara: Would you recomend being in a band?

Trevor: Sure, its alot of fun. But its alot of hard work. Alot of work that people really dont realize. Yeah I would definately recomend it!

Sara: Thanks alot Trevor.

Trevor: Your welcome! Doing homework at a show akkk!!!!

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