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Swlabr's Homepage


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Welcome to my homepage! For all the people that don't know what Swlabr actually means, well here's the history: My favorite band ever is "Cream." The band was around in the late 60's (66’-68’). The people in the band were:Eric Clapton (guitarist, vocals), Jack Bruce (bass guitar, harmonica, organ/piano, lead vocals), and Ginger Baker (drummer, vocals). One of their songs is Swlabr. It stands for “She Walks Like A Bearded Rainbow.” If you scroll down you will see some pics of them. Thanks for visiting. -Brandon M.


And now for the gear! Well some of it; the cool stuff!

The band with guitars (on left) and Jack’s bass (on right)

Clapton's ax

It seems as though this pic won't show but heres the site where you can see the front: Clapton SG

Mr. Baker's kick ass sets