A Tribute to Dennis Brockenborough

Dennis is originally from Delaware but as far as I know he lives in Boston as this time. He was added to the band in 1990 just before the BossToneS's 2nd album: More Noise and other Distrubances. Dennis, though made a cameo appearance in the Devil's Night Out video even though at that time he wasn't playing for the band. Dennis was the trombonist for the BossToneS from 1990-2000. He left the band around April 2000. Dennis left the band to go back with his orginal band, Chubby. I'm sure your assuming he's playing the trombone, NOPE! Dennis plays the guitar and also sings lead with Chubby.

FUN FACT #1: His nicknames: D-man or just plain D.

FUN FACT #2:Dennis uses a Yamaha ysl-691 trombone with a 4c mouthpiece.

FUN FACT #3: Everyone that has met Dennis says he's a funny guy

FUN FACT #4:His nickname in school was Sprinkles

FUN FACT #5:Dennis has a tatoo on his left leg

Dennis you will be missed!! 1990-2000