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Promos and Ultra Rares
Deep Throat x2 (ur)
Skinner Chooses A Side (ur)
X (ur)

Fighter Interceptor (pr)
Mulligan x2 (pr)
The Dark Angel (pr)

1st Edition Combat Rares
Nerve Strike
Webbed x2
Spin Kick
Mind Control x3
Block And Attack
Disarm x3
Choke Hold
Fast Draw x3
Illusionary Foe x2
Terminal Damage
Energy Strike x2

1st Edition Site Rares
Ellens Air Base, Idaho
Northeast Georgetown Medical Center, Washington D.C.
New York City, NY.
Church Of The Red Museum, Delta Glen, WI. x2
Aleister Crowley High School, Milford Haven, NH.
Steveston, MA.
Skyland Mountain, VA.

1st Edition Bluff Rares
Section Chief Joseph Mcgrath x2
Laser Barrier
Sleep Deprivation

1st Edition Witness Rares
Dr. Blockhead x2
The Thinker x2
Dr. Diamond
Dr. Grissom x2
Kevin Morris, A.K.A. The Conduit
The Calusari
Dr. Osborne
Max Fenig
Dr. Nollete
Sheriff Mazeroski x2
Lt. Colonel Marcus Aurelius Belt x3
Gung Bituan
Kristen Kilar x2
Dr. Daniel Trepkos x2
Luther Lee Boggs x2
Senator Richard Matheson

1st Edition Event Rares
Shutting Down The X-Files x4
Agent Weiss Killed By Unknown Toxin x4
Red Tape
Agent Lamana Dies In Fatal Elevator Accident
Surfing The Net
Government Sanctioned Pheromone Experiments
Thorough Documentation x2
Overwhelming Force x2
Message From The Stars x2
Agent Jack Willis Shot To Death In Bank Robbery x2
Skinner Adopts The Company Line
Dark Forces Align
The Erlenmeyer Flask
Krycek, the Double Agent x2
Authorized Access Only x2
Alien Discretion
No Place Is Safe
Hack Into Government Files
Deductive Reasoning
Assigned to the X-Files
A Friend In The FBI
True Grit

1st Edition Equipment Rares
Taped Intelligence
Hospital Crash Cart

1st Edition Adversary Rares
The Host Attacks

Other Cards
Simon Gates A.K.A. Ferreau (c.391)
The Mailman (c.419)
Skinner Intervenes (c.457)