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Other trade cards

Bishop (foil)
Reality Shift (foil)

Eureka (promo)
Joker (promo)
Raymond Armstrong (promo)

Other Promos and Cards
Awesome Revised AWS-9M (Battletech)
Beach House (sim city)
Berserk (aliens vs predator)
Black Spiral Dancer (Rage)
Floyd the flying pig (Guardians)
Gorn Captain (star trek:TOS)
Holy (Monster Rancher)
Howard Lovecraft (Mythos)
Inquest (Highlander)
Item: Barbells (Animayhem)
Keep Your Cool (Tomb Raider)
Kids These Days (Animayhem)
Knight Armor (Sailer Moon)
Lucita (Vampire)
Major Party Animal (Guardians)
Monument Park (Rage)
Nemesis (Rage)
Night Raid (Wheels of Time)
Piledriver (WWF)
Ploogak the Couquerer (Guardians)
Rod "Scabs" Tar (On the edge)
Rose & Cross Apprentice (7th Sea)
Survival Shot (Animayhem)
Water Tribute (Dune)