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The Stars of the Oasis is a Middle Eastern-American group playing the best in Middle Eastern & Arabic music. Each member of the group possesses a particular adoration for the music, which in turn creates a totally unique and more flavored type of style than ever witnessed before. As a group we travel up and down the east coast performing at weddings, parties, and all types of occasions.

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Mike -

Mike is a law student at St. Peter's College. Mike plays the traditional arabic instrument known as the duf. His masterful style and talent add greatly to the depth of the music.

Will -

Will has been labeled as one of the most creative and imaginative Arabic drummers in all of America. His fast hands and amazing wizardry, on his instrument the tabla, can make anyone get up and dance. Will is currently at work on a new dance album entitled RAK-A-TEK which is due to be released in the summer of '99. Click here for more information.

Bobby -

Bobby is a pre-med student at NYU. Bobby's nimble hands have enabled him to break the gap between the old and new. His instrument, the riq, is one of the oldest instruments known to Arabic music. Bobby has been taught under the guidance of the world reknown percussionist, Hesham Il-Arabi.

Mo -

Mo is the American drummer of the band. His distinguished style and advanced technique has made him one of the most popular and requested drummers in the Middle East.

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