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311 Tidbits

Below are some random tidbit items that might be of interest to you. If you have any stories or facts that you think belong here, email me! Thanks!

Terrence Henry Story
Some may be wondering what Nick raps about in the song "Silver" when he mentions Terrence Henry. You know, "My name is Terrence Henry. Thief of trust and money." Well, here's the story
Terrence Henry WAS a good friend of the band. Nick had met I him I BELIEVE the first time he moved out to L.A. around '89. Terrence had helped Nick make a few connections out in Cali, and Nick and the band put alot of trust in him. So much trust, that after the guy's got signed and went on the road for their 115 date Music tour, they left him in charge of their house.
After the guys returned home from their trip, they found their home in place...and everything was all fine and dandy...until they discovered the $2,000 phone bill that Terrence had left them. The band had to investigate a little bit to find out who for sure made the calls...but after they put two and two together, Terrence had been foiled! Hence, all the shit in Silver about him.

How 311 got their name and the KKK rumor.
Here is a statement issued by the guys themselves!
"It has come to our attention that there is a very unsettling rumor circulating regarding the name of our band '311.' We have been told that certain white supremacist groups use the numbers 311 to represent KKK. This is a most unfortunate coincidence and one that is extremely disturbing to us. We would like to state for the record that this is completely at odds with our personal beliefs. We believe the only people worth hating are organized haters like the KKK. Anyone familiar with our lyrics knows how we feel. Our lyrics make a strong stand against racism and a strong stand for positivity &unity. The name of our band originally comes from an Omaha police citation for indecent exposure. We thought it was funny at the time. Now our name simply means - five friends from Omaha making music. Music that stands for peace and unity."

Equipment 311 Uses

Guitars -
Tim uses only Paul Reed Smith guitars. He has 2 customs, each with a maple top and a mahogany back, one in natural finish and one with tortoise shell finish. He has one standard which is an all mahogany standard with cherry red finish. Recently, however, Tim has been using a PRS Santana with a maple top and a mahogany back in Santana yellow with a natural mahogany back.

Nick uses only Gibson guitars. I'm not exactly sure as to what guitars exactly Nick owns, but I know that he only uses Les Pauls. I'm sure that he owns several, the one that I've seen him with most recently I think is a Les Paul Classic in a honey burst finish, but I'm not as sure about Nick's guitars as I am about Tim's. I also recently saw him with a black Gibson, I'm not sure what model.

Tim -
Sabine rack tuner
some volume pedal
2 Mesa Boogie Tri-Axis preamps, one for clean, one for distortion
Rocktron Repiflex
2 Rocktron Patch Mates
Rocktron All Access pedal board
w/ these pedals hooked up-
3 Electro Harminex Memory Mans
2 T.C. Elecronics Chorus Pedals
a Boss OC-2 octave pedal
a Boss FT-2 Envelope filter
a Sovtek Small Stone Phaser
a Mxr Phase 100
then, Tim's amps are -
2 Mesa Boogie Simul Class 2:90 power amps
a Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 power amp
Mesa Boogie 4X12 Rectifier Cabs

(Props go to the 311 Guitar Archive for a lot of that info)

Rocktron Voodu Valve preamp
Rocktron Intelliflex LTD effects processor
Rocktron Velocity S112 speaker cabinets
Rocktron Repliflex Processor
Roctron Velocity 250 power amp
Rocktron All Access foot controller
I don't know what pedals Nick hooks up to his foot controller.

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