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What to do on a boring Friday night!

What do you do when your friends all have plans and you don't? What do you do when you have seen every single flick on the tube? What do you do when there's NOTHING to do?!!? Well I have made up a list of things to do for your 'oh so boring' night!

Pamper yourself with a manicure or maybe a bath, listen to some tunes while you relax yourself!

Go on the internet

Sleep! (Every girl needs that!)

Read a book

Play video games

Lock yourself up in your room and blast you stereo!

Computer Solitaire

Rent a movie and watch it by yourself

Go to one of the schools games!

Go and hit the gym!

Try something new that you've never done before! I mean hey, you dont' need to spend that time with your buds!

~*~*~ This page is totally under construction, but I thought that you might want to know what I've done so far! So keep coming back! Thanks! *~*~*~

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