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Reading in the Content Areas: Secondary

Hello everyone! Welcome to my page on reading in the content areas at the secondary level. This page was created as a project for my very first graduate course which goes by the name of Educ 440: Reading in the Content Areas: Secondary. It offers links to sites that relate to the things we have been studying in class. Most of the links are to related to the content area of English primarily, but a great majority of them have information included that is beneficial to all content areas. Each link is complete with a short annotation describing what you will find at that particular site; some even have directions of exactly what to click on to get to the most useful information. The list of sites is split into two categories- for teachers and for students. Of course, some sites are useful to both teachers and students, so look in the annotation for more information or just check out the sites. One last feature I would like to point out is the two different pictures (button icons) that you will find next to each of the links. You can click on either the button or the text to get to the desired site. Also, the links that have the reference book picture next to them will take you to articles, interactive sites, sources of information on the topic, or pages with links to many other pages of information. The links that have the picture of the binder with a lesson plan taken out will lead to sites that have worksheets, graphic organizers, activity sheets, etc… in other words, things that you can actually print out and use in your classroom or home. If you discover any new sites that I should include, find a dead link, or just want to send me some feedback, please take a minute and e-mail me at:

I hope you have fun checking the site out, it was a lot of fun to explore and create it!

For Teachers:

Tactics for developing literacy in Middle and High School students This site gives five strategies for developing literacy among secondary students. Also included are specific and practical tactics to use for each strategy.

ReadPro This site helps provides information on how to join READPRO, a listserve. READPRO is an online discussion forum focused on the practical applications of methods of teaching the language arts, reading instruction,etc.

Outta Ray's Head- Lesson Plans, etc. To get to the good stuff on this page you need to first click on Lesson Plans, then click on Links. Under Links you will find some excellent sites on English education. The ones I suggest you check out are Barr's English Class (He has a link called Challenges that provides places to create and find puzzles and other word games), Library in the Sky, The English Zone, and Literature Resources.

Graphic Organizers This site has nine different styles of graphic organizers that you can click on to enlarge, print out, and then complete with your students.

More Graphic Organizers Several detailed examples of graphic organizers can be found here and for each organizer there is a section telling what it is best used to describe and key questions. Specific examples of the K-W-L-H technique and Anticipation/Reaction Guide are also included.

Reading in the Content Areas Looking for something to read that deals with the topic Reading in the Content Areas? This site has a large bibliography complete with short annotations!

Cartoon Symbol Bingo This is a great activity to use with your students in the computer lab! It helps them build their skills with reading and understanding cartoons and illustrations. The site creator was even nice enough to include a copy of the actual BINGO card you hand out to your students that you can copy.

Kimmy Smith's Homepage This site has links to soo many other sites that there was no way I could review it all. If you click on literature links, then look under Poerty Resources on the Web, and click on Maya.html, you can hear Maya Angelou read two of her poems out loud. Cyberguides is another great site you can find while searching around in the literature links page. These are interactive on-line units that you can utilize to halp raise student interest in reading, which may in turn help make them better readers.

Reading Comprehension Tons of free Reading Comprehension worksheets for teachers/parents to use. This site is updated weekly and each worksheet is labled clearly as to its topic and the date it was submitted. Answer Keys are also available by clicking on a seperate link included in the site.

Internet Academic Resources Center This site is an excellent resource for English and Social Studies teachers of grades 8-12. It has study guides, novel information, and much more for both subjects.

Language Arts: Reading This site provides lessons and activities that you can use to work on reading comprehension in a fun and interactive manner.

For Students:

Ms. Smith's English Page This site was essentially created for Ms. Smith's 8th grade students, but it also has a lot of links that could be useful to students and teachers of other grade levels as well. There are a variety of links that provide students with study guides, vocabulary builders, activities, and author information. This site appeals to learners of all ages.

Learn Vocabulary Use puzzles, comic strips, quizzes, word games and many other ways to sharpen your skills. as you prepare for the PSAT(R), SAT(R), SSAT, GRE or LSAT tests.

Shakespeare Is Shakespeare making your head hurt? Are you wondering just why everyone keeps refering to him as a bard? This site offers such things as discussion groups and the complete works (as an added bonus, each work is complete with hypertext links to explanations of the words and phrases readers most commonly have difficulty with!).

Nathanial Hawthorne This site offers notes, illustrations, online discussions, glossaries, character information, timelines, and more. It also provides lesson plans, discussion questions, and other material for teachers to use!

The English Zone This has a great homework wizard and lots of information about books and authors you might be reading. There's a lot of information that teachers might find interesting there, too.

Suggestions for Improving Reading Speed This pagre discusses the role of speed in reading, factors that reduce reading rate, basic conditions for increasing reading rate, and rate adjustment.

The ESL Quiz Center A collection of interactive quizzes in Geography, Grammar, History, Idioms, Slang, Words, People, Reading Comprehension, Science, Vocabulary, World Culture, and Writing.

Reading and Understanding Texts This site offers tips to help students deal with the complexity and amount of material they read.

Nonrelated Links:

Back to my homepage! Check out my page and let me know what you think. As I said before, this is my first experiment with all of this, so don't expect too much. what you can do is go there knowing that I'm teaching myself all of this and I'm constantly making improvements on it.

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