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Sean McAtee
Web Sites for Students

General History Sites
The History Channel

Revolutionary War
Declaration of Independence Exhibit
From American Revolution to Reconstruction
George Washington's Home - Mount Vernon
Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

Civil War
The Underground Railroad

Women's History
National Women's Rights Historic Park

Age of Industry and Immigration
Ellis Island
Andrew Carnegie
Theodore Roosevelt
Sagamore Hill (TR's home)

Spanish-American War
Spanish-American War Centennial Site
The Age of Imperialism
Anti-Imperialism in the United States

World War I
WW I - Trenches on the Web
The Great War

The Great Depression
Franklin Roosevelt Library
FDR Cartoon Collection
FDR Memorial
FDR's New Deal
The New Deal Network

World War II Sites
World War II Archives
Grolier's World War II
World War II Resource Page
Pearl Harbor Remembered
What Did You Do in the War, Grandma?
Harry Truman Library
Hiroshima Archives
U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
The Holocaust: A Tragic Legacy

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