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Authentic Lama Pai Kung Fu:The teachings of the late Chan Tai-San

New York, NY - Grandmaster Chan Tai-San, born in Taishan county, Guangdong province, China in 1920, was one of the last links to Chinese martial arts traditional past. Orphoned as a child and adopted by a Buddhist monk, Chan Tai-San inherited lineages in both Tibetan Lama Pai and Choy Lay Fut as well as having studied with some of China's most famous masters. An encyclopedia of knowledge about traditional Chinese martial arts and a decorated veteran of China's bitter World War II fighting, the Chinese government designated Master Chan a "living national treasure" in the 1970's.

Master Chan was a strict traditional master who taught his students to fight in addition to being able to perform beautiful hand and weapon sets. At his first appearance at a national tournament, Master Chan's students all placed in all three divisions; hand sets, weapon sets and sparring. Even upon his retirement, his students and their students continued this strong fighting tradition.

On September 1, 2004 Master Chan passed away. He will never be forgotten and fortunately his teachings are alive with his many students. This web site will provide information on his teachings and allows you to get in touch with three of his students; Sifu Steve Ventura, Sifu Stephen Innocenzi and Sifu David A Ross.

If you are interested in learning Master Chan Tai San's Lama Pai system, please feel free to contact these instructors. This is a unique opportunity for a select few.

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