Lama Pai Hand Sets

The "Kyuhn Po" or list of hand sets that Chan Tai-San gave his students

Lama Pai hand sets contain all the techniques of the "shooting star fists" and "flying crane hands" divisions and can be divided into several different groups including Sahp Jih (cross pattern), Lo Han (Boddhisattva) and Gam Gong (diamond) sets. The cross pattern sets were created by Master Wong Yan-Lam and Master Wong Lam-Hoi for beginners. The Bodhisattva sets are some of the oldest and most important sets and include beginner, intermediate and advanced hand sets. The diamond sets are also traditional but considered more contemporary and influenced by Chinese martial art traditions.

A cross section of the hand sets Master Chan Tai San required of his students included;

1. Introductory Hand Form (Gei Bon Kyuhn)
2. Cross Pattern Trapping Strike (Sahp Jih Kau Dah Kyuhn)
3. Cross Pattern (Sahp Jih Kyuhn)
4. Lesser Boddhisattva (Siu Lo Han Kyuhn)
5. Greater Boddhisattva (Dai Lo Han Kyuhn)
6. Boddhisattva Stands On The Post (Lo Han Jam Jong Kyuhn)
7. Boddhisattva Rings The Bell (Lo Han Jong Chung Kyuhn)
8. Five Animals (Nhg Yihng Kyuhn)
9. Tiger And Crane Battling (Fu Hok Seung Daau Kyuhn)
10. Flying Crane Hand (Fei Hok Sau Kyuhn)
11. Diamond Ground Fighting (Gam Gong Deih Saat Kyuhn)
12. Boddhisattva Subdues The Tiger (Lo Han Fuk Fu Kyuhn)
13. Lo Han Palm (Lo Han Jeung Kyuhn)
14. Ten Animals (Sahp Yihng Kyuhn)
15. Continuous Kicking (Lin Wan Teui Kyuhn)
16. Boddhisattva (Lo Han Kyuhn)
17. Heavenly Net Ground Fighting (Tin Maang Deih Saat Kyuhn)
18. Greater Diamon (Dai Gam Gong Kyuhn)
19. Drunken Boddhisattva (Lo Han Jui Jow Kyuhn)
20. Eighteen Boddhisattva (Sahp Baat Lo Han Kyuhn)