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Welcome to The Salsa Museum of New York: last updated 2/17/99-- more to come-- (under construction)



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Salsa Museum
Welcome to the Salsa Museum of New york!

The materials exhibited at the Salsa Museum of New York were loaned or donated by the actual artists or by others affiliated with them.The choice of materials for exhibition was left entirely up to the artist.What you see here is what the artist deemed appropriate for the grand opening of

The Salsa Museum.

Some of the materials in the exhibits are originals while, at the request of the artists, some are duplicates. We are certain that the joy they will bring to the senses will be equal.
The Museum will be presenting on-going exhibits as well as concerts and dances in which many of the artists exhibited here will be involved.

We are currently requesting loans and donations from Puerto Rico, South America, Japan, and all countries and states where salsa music is marketed. Top recording companies, such as Sony Disco Latino, have shown interest in The Salsa Museum and plan to be part of future exhibitions.
We sincerely hope you enjoy your visit and will spread the word to others.

Hasta la proxima...."Salsa Na Ma"


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2127 Third Avenue
El Barrio, NY 10035