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I Am Only Human

Everyday I strive to be

  As great as he

And everyday I fail

  Cause I am only what he made me

I am only human

  Going to make mistakes

  Going to have bad thoughts

  Going to get envious

  Going to want more when I have enough

I am only human

  One who gets confused

  One who is afraid

  One who can be misunderstood

  One whose rage can come out

            On the one’s he loves

I am only human

  Trying to succeed

  Trying to be considerate

  Trying to find love

  Trying to be everything he wants of me


I am only human

  I can never be perfect

  I can never be him

But if I try

  To be the best I can be

  To love all as he

He will understand my faults


I am only human


By: PRTaz