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Private Baton Twirling Lessons

* Expanding upon the basics of baton twirling.
* Coordinating dance steps with baton twirls.
* The opportunity to learn the following competition routines: 
Basic strut, Military strut, Modeling (best appearing),
Solo, Multiple batons, X-strut, and Show-twirl.
* Participating in Twirling Unlimited (TU)
and National Baton Twirling Association (NBTA) competitions.
* Performing a solo at our spring recital.
* Marching in a few local parades.

* South Seneca Elementary School Auditorium, Interlaken, NY

* 20 minute weekly lessons for Level 1-3 twirlers.
*60 minute weekly lessons for Level 4-5 twirlers.
* As of 10/5/09, current openings on: Fridays from 6:20-6:40, 6:40-7:00, 7:00-7:20, 7:20-7:40, 7:40-8:00pm.

* Anyone age 4 or older with at least 1 year of class lessons.

* $7/20 minutes.
* $50 and up for a competition costume.
* Competition entrance fees.
*Traveling expenses.

* Carrie Phelps Natale has lead "The Pride" since 1994.

Some of her experience includes:
Former N.Y.S. Adv. Solo Twirling Champion
Former N.Y.S. Adv. X-Strut Champion
Former Adv. Miss Majorette of N.Y.
N.Y.S. Twirling Hall of Fame Inductee
Former member and team captain of the Christinettes
(State and World Dance-Twirl Champions)
Former member and instructor of the Dryden Patriots

* Private students are required to practice every day.
* Payment is received the day of the lesson.

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