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LAST UPDATED: *03*06*99*

Hey everybody!! *wave* Welcome to my lil' homepage. I hope you like what you're seeing so far *smile* I've finally updated this page. Well, I've been updatin' it little by little, but now I hope you see the difference. I took out the frames above the page and put the "guestbook" section with the other buttons. If you've been here before, you also may have noticed that I changed the buttons. Which one do you think looks better?! =) But anywayz, I'll just leave you alone now so you can start surfin'. Well, I haven't really made changes in most of the pages so I apologize =P hehe... Oh yeah-I'm tryin' to go for a BLUE theme here.. but some of the pages in my PIX PAGE still have the black backgrounds coz personal publisher wouldn't let me publish it! *snif* But I'll try again later. And I've also added a new page-it's a place where you can give me suggestions on my page... if you wanna give me sum advice or wutever, click here. *Please don't forget to sign my guestbook before you leave!* have fun! *bye!*

PS: My page is best viewed with Internet download msie Explorer or the AOL Browser. But if you do use the AOL Browser, make sure that it shows UNCOMPRESSED files... to do so, go to MY AOL then PREFERENCES WWW then go to WEB GRAPHICS and UNcheck "Use compressed graphics". Then click OK. You're all set! Please do NOT use Netscape because it won't give you full advantage of my page! Thanks... Finally, it's time for you to enjoy yourself! =)