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I'm just... "venting"

Hi! Ok, I'm changing this page now. hehe.. Unfortunately, we're still talking about the same loser. He is still leaving messages on my guestbook PRETENDING to be a GIRL named Michelle! haha.. and I thought I had no life! LoL. What a psycho man! He was just "defending" himself by pretending to be a girl since no one else wanted to defend him. He was sayin' how I shouldn't have written this Loser Alert since that "loser" wasn't gonna read it anyway. Hello! He/she just did! LoL.. Poor guy.. or is it girl?! haha whatever you are, just leave my page alone because no one wants you here!!!! I just think it's pretty funny how he always comes back to my page just to criticize my work. Hehe.. he must "LOVE" me and my page that much! Hahahah.. j/k >=) [suck it u loser u! *wave*] bye!

PS: I'm not usually like this but I'm kinda hyper at the moment. *hehe* Sorry sorry sorry =]

And for you normal people - enjoy! hehe.. .